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We  are  here  for  your  needs  and  goals.  Our  next-generation,  intelligent  solutions  will  help you  do  exactly  what  you  want  with  your  personal  finances  and  invest  responsibly  with  an impact to society and the environment

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Do  you  have  a  passion?  Maybe  it's  time  to  invest  in  it  and  it'll  lead  you,  and  the  many generations  that  follow,  to  a  brighter  future. Select your impact area of passion and we will create a personalized investement profile for you

Make an Impact with Empactful

Be the first and then others will follow. Make a choice: Change your life by changing the world! Ιnvest in firms whose work creates a positive impact and addresses environmental or social issues


is to help you make an impact! To do so, we offer you the possibility to invest according to a passion you hold dear. We value environmentally and socially responsible investing but we also offer a traditional passion if you choose to express your impact outside of your investments. Together we can change your life and the world!

Gender Equality Spiritual Engagment Impact Environmental Sustainability Traditional

Donate now and support an Empactful future! We promote your charitable giving by facilitating and helping you identify a charity, which supports your specific passion or is based on your geography, if you prefer to focus on your local community.


I don’t usually trust online investing. I’m not a tech guy and I feel uncomfortable when my savings are exposed online. But I took a leap of faith with Empactful. I thought that it could be a cool way to increase my capital and do something good for the world.

David S.

Traveling  is  my  passion!  So,  I  invest  my  money  in  order  one  day  to  be  able  to  travel  the world!  Empactful  is  a  perfect  choice  for  me  because  there  is  no  minimum  limit  to  open  an account,  I  can  donate  part  of  my  earnings  to  charity  and  I  can  also  pursue  gender  equality through my investments!

Christine W.