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We’re here to help you do what you want with your personal finances, all while creating a positive social and environmental impact through your investments.

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Together we will put your money into companies that create a positive impact and address environmental and social issues.

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Gender Equality
Focus on companies that support women in STEM fields, female representation in senior leadership, and LGBTQ rights in the workplace.
Spiritual Engagement
Focus on companies that promote community development and encourage a more family-oriented culture built on firm religious values.
Focus on companies intending to create a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.
Environmental Sustainability
Focus on supporting a low carbon footprint through research and development of alternative energy and other environmentally friendly goals.
Focus on companies that produce market-leading returns regardless of social or sustainability goals.

Give back to charity

We’ve partnered with 2.2 million charities to make it easier for you to donate to your favorite causes. We can help you find a charity, both local and national, that supports your philanthropic goals.

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We have solutions you won’t find at most large brokerage firms or independent RIAs. Our intelligent investing techniques will help you manage your cash and minimize your tax burdens.

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I’ve been working as a portfolio manager at an institutional mutual fund for 25 years and I’m glad to finally see a platform that prioritizes impact investments. I used Empactful’s charitable donations platform for all of my donations last year and the process was extremely streamlined and straightforward. Great platform, great mission.

Christopher B.

I’m really passionate about environmental sustainability. I try to do little things in my daily life to reduce my carbon footprint - I try and eat less meat, I avoid fast fashion, I eat local and organic, but I always wanted to do more. A friend of mine recommended Empactful to me, and I couldn’t be happier because now I can directly support environmental sustainability through my financial investments. I also love the donations feature and have donated to several charities in my neighborhood in San Francisco.

Sophia M.

I never knew much about finance or investing. I was consistently told to "plan for my future" and to "invest in the stock market" but I didn't really know how to do it or where to start. Empactful changed all of that for me - I feel empowered by taking control of my financial future. I already achieved my first goal of travelling to New Zealand and my husband and I are saving up to buy our first house now. For me, the best part of the platform is knowing that my financial returns are made supporting gender equality and women’s rights.

Charlotte C.

I have a lot of student debt. I took out loans to go to college and am still repaying them 8 years later. This platform helped me organize my personal finances and save with a purpose. I’ve been investing for 2 months now and I feel a huge sigh of relief knowing that repaying my loans is finally within reach.

Andrew S.

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