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With Empactful’s dynamic and innovative investing platform, you can get the financial peace-of-mind you deserve while making an impact on the world.

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Step one

Pick a track

The answer to "What am I investing for?"

The first step is choosing the purpose of your investment track by evaluating your financial goals. Whether you’re looking to pay off your student loans, buy a house, start a business, or invest in your education, early financial planning will you help you budget, save, invest and plan ahead so you can achieve your goals. You can create an unlimited number of tracks for each of your goals.

Step two

Pick a passion

Invest in a better world

We value environmentally and socially responsible investing. Tell us what you care about most, and we’ll match your passions through your investments.

Gender Equality
Focus on companies that support women in STEM fields, female representation in senior leadership, and LGBTQ rights in the workplace.
Spiritual Engagement
Focus on companies that promote community development and encourage a more family-oriented culture built on firm religious values.
Focus on companies intending to create a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.
Environmental Sustainability
Focus on supporting a low carbon footprint through research and development of alternative energy and other environmentally friendly goals.
Focus on companies that produce market-leading returns regardless of social or sustainability goals.
Step three

Pick your risk tolerance

Tell us how much risk you’re comfortable taking with your investments. Select from different risk profiles and view a projection for your portfolio before you decide which one you’d like to choose. You can change your risk tolerance at any time.


See your returns

Using our financial earnings calculator, you can get an estimate for the return you’ll make on your investments based on our market assumptions.

See all your investment details in one place

On your dashboard you can see an overview of the balance of your tracks and your charitable donations. You can also individually select each track and view its status (active, pending or liquidated), balance, risk level, track passion and more.

Under Track details, you can view and amend each of your tracks. You can configure action items, including additional deposits, period deposits, reallocations and liquidations. Here, you'll be able to see your tracks portfolio investment details.

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